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What does it mean to be Hybrid?

Being hybrid is the simultaneous pursuit of both strength and fitness.

This can take many forms but in its purest form this is the combination of absolute strength and running endurance.

Polar opposites by nature which makes it seemingly hard to excel in both. Maybe that's why so few people choose to be hybrid. Most people choose either strength training or endurance training.

But they're missing out.

Being hybrid comes with a lot of benefits.

  • You look good. Strength training builds muscle. Endurance training keeps you lean. The combined improvement of both makes it hard not to be in great shape.

  • You feel great. Both strength and endurance training come with a long list of physical and mental health benefits. Naturally combining both will give you the benefits of both. Energy, vitality, longevity and confidence to name a few.

  • You enjoy your training. You always have something to work towards. A new target, a new goal. You're always making progress. You're driven by purpose. Your training has variety. Motivation is never an issue.

  • You perform well in everything you do. You can jump into any sport or activity. Climb a mountain, sign up for a marathon or take control in the bedroom. You're confident in your body inside and out.

  • You separate yourself from the pack. There are very few people who can do what you can do. You're stronger than the fast guy and faster than the strong guy. You've got your own thing going on and people respect you for it.

In my opinion being hybrid is the most fun, effective and rewarding approach to fitness. It's the perfect balance of strength, fitness and aesthetics.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a fitness enthusiast, you can join the Hybrid Fitness Project and start your hybrid fitness journey.

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Who am I?

My name's Rob Hartley and I’ve been a Personal Trainer for the past 10 years.

In that time I’ve worked with hundreds of clients all over the world in person alongside launching a fitness app, competing as a hybrid athlete myself and completing various fitness challenges.

Just recently I completed my own Hybrid Fitness Project... Completing a 200kg Back Squat, 100 unbroken Push Ups and a sub 10 hour 100km run in the same day.

My main focus now is sharing my hybrid training philosophy with other men because I truly believe it is the most effective and enjoyable approach to get into the best possible shape.

What Is The Hybrid Fitness Project?

The Hybrid Fitness Project is an 8 week online coaching experience designed to help men get into the best shape of their life. It's a commitment to getting stronger and fitter. I'll be your 1-1 coach and you'll have your own hybrid fitness goals and personal training program. It's suitable for all abilities.

What is personalised online coaching?

You might have had a "personalised" online training program in the past and found that it didn't truly take into account your personal needs or hold you accountable. That's not this.

This is fully bespoke. Going on holiday, work events, nightshifts... whatever comes up, we'll work around it. I'll be holding you accountable to a high standard for the full 8 weeks.

We'll have bi-weekly 1-1 calls, weekly check-ins and optional weekly group video Q&As. Basically we'll be in contact a lot which means I can support you in any way I can to make sure you get the best results possible.

By the end of the 8 weeks you can expect to:

  • Dramatically improve your strength and fitness.

  • Lose fat, build muscle and develop a more athletic body.

  • Build confidence and self discipline that will improve your everyday life.

  • Learn to enjoy your workouts while consistently achieving new milestones.

  • Establish a sustainable routine that will allow you to keep progressing long term.

  • Develop a more positive mindset and lifestyle that will improve all areas of your life.

I want you to get the best results possible from the get go, so before you get started we'll make sure you're fully on top of your nutrition and training.

This will include:

  • A personalised fitness assessment.

  • An introduction to the training app.

  • A 1-1 goal setting call to set your hybrid fitness goals for the 8 weeks.

  • On the same call we'll go through the HFP nutrition guidelines book covering...

    • Your optimal calorie and macro breakdown.

    • Best practices for health and performance.

    • Nutrition templates for training at different times of the day.

    • The best supplements to take based on your training schedule.

    • Easy high protein recipes that you can use to hit your protein targets.

  • Another 1-1 call after you've actioned everything to see if we can make any further tweaks to improve your new routine.

Basically the end of week 1 you'll have completely optimised your nutrition and training routines so that you get the best results possible over the 8 weeks.

From this point onwards we'll be in touch every week to make sure you're enjoying your training and making progress.

Ultimately I want to help you make hybrid training part of your life for the long term so you can enjoy your training and get in better physical and mental shape for the rest of your life.

So if you are...

- Lacking direction

- Struggling with motivation

- Not getting the result you want

- Or just want to try something new

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, that's correct. If you join the Hybrid Fitness Project, follow the training and guidelines, I guarantee full satisfaction or your money back.


Who is the Hybrid Fitness Project for?

The Hybrid Fitness Project is for any man who wants to try hybrid training and get into better shape. It's for men who want to become fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident in their body.

Do I need to have access to a gym?

No, your training program will be designed specifically for you and the equipment you have available to you. You can complete the full 8 week program at home without any equipment. However as you become more advanced you'll make better progress with access to a gym or some equipment a few times a week.

How long do I have access to the program material?

You have lifetime access to all current and future content from the Hybrid Fitness Project. That includes training programs and all nutrition, mindset and lifestyle guides and resources.

What happens after the 8 weeks?

I've structured the training into these 8 week blocks because I find that this is a good amount of time for people to fully commit while also being enough time to achieve significant results. After the 8 weeks you can crack on by yourself or you can jump back into a new 8 week program with new goals.

How much does it cost?

There are a few different payment options to make it work for you which we will discuss on a call if we're a good fit. What I will say is that it's significantly cheaper and I've found it to be more effective than personal training in person.

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